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Maria - Mount House School

On Thursday 20th May 2021 we were privileged to welcome Agnes Wanja to our school.

 We are very grateful to Agnes for taking time out of her busy schedule to visit our school and deliver an inspiring, engaging and highly motivational speech. This was a most valued addition to our assembly and was a pleasure to listen to.  Sometimes the simplest speeches have the most affect! 

Her presentation drew ALL our students in and held their attention for the duration of the assembly and eagerly asking questions at the end.  Her confidence and her drive are contagious!

 I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude on behalf of Mount House School and whole heartedly thank her for her time and positive energy!

  Good luck on your new journey Agnes! I wish you continued success! You are amazing!!!

In addition,  what an amazing inspirational statement Agnes ended her book with.  ‘The secret of living is to give, to share some of what you have-it does not have to be much!’

Agnes’s book, Addicted to Being broke.  Highly recommended!


I am very pleased to have attended ‘The Secrets to Personal Development’ program. The information within the presentation was clear, concise and creative.


I learned how to achieve my ‘Next Right Move’ by applying the SWOT analysis. I also utilised the accountability feature of the program. This encouraged me to set goals and achieve them; prompting me to make more goals.


I completed the program with a new zest and clarity for what my next move should be in my personal development. I would recommend your program to others who are looking for an easy to follow, true to form way of achieving goals. 


Thank you

CEO - Red Leaf Removals and Services

I would like to start off by saying a massive thank you for putting this course together. It has been massive help for me with my personal development journey within my business. The part i enjoyed most was the "CHOOSING YOUR NEXT RIGHT MOVE" section. Your knowledge and explanation of this section has really helped me map out some big steps within my business and you have also added so much value to me and my approach to most things. I will Definitely be attending more of your courses and will be telling all my friends and family. Thank you so much!!!  


Words to describe “The Secret to Personal Development” - inspiration, motivational, uplifting and straight to the point program. 

It provoked my inner dialogue regarding my personal development. I felt empowered, reinforced my confidence and introduced vital skills that will enable me to progress further. I also managed to pick up some tips from other participants.

Agnes Wanja was extremely knowledgeable, patient and was relaxed all through the session.  Agnes personalised each person’s question and tailored it according to their needs. 

I would recommend anyone to join the program. 


This programme was very enlightening and really got me thinking about how to develop myself in my work and personal life. I liked that Agnes made it interactive and got us to think of real-life examples to relate to her teachings. I did not want the 6 weeks to end, and I am already waiting on when the next one will be! I will definitely recommend this to a friend. Thank you


-  Sade

Mrs A Ehi

The course has prompt me in taking bold step into doing what i have always wanted to do for years which is going back to school. 

To be more confident in myself.


This 6 Week course was brilliant i learned alot from Setting goals to writing SWOT i have now
Been able to plan my dj mixes from early
This course has been Fantasti



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