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Meet Agnes

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a sinlge step

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Personal Development Life Coach

Agnes has spent the last 10 years developing herself and continues to celebrate this journey of self-development. She has had the benefit of hosting and attending many personal development events and has learned materials from great mentors such as Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Lisa Nichols and many more.

On her development journey and as a mum of two children, Agnes has managed to achieve two Business Degrees, a Master's in Urban and Regional Planning, and secured a career in Development Management. However, her true passion has always been in helping others achieve personal development, motivational speaking, helping others achieve their goals, and writing. Agnes self-publishing her first book in April 2021 which became a no.1 Bestseller on Amazon.

The story has not always been so positive. Agnes has overcome many things including two eviction notices which led to her representing herself in court and was successful. Living in deep debt and working her way out of it whilst studying and raising her two children. Agnes was at one point in nearly £600 in deficit on her budget each month to now where she is in credit each month. Agnes knows first-hand what it is like to feel lost and not knowing where or who to turn to. Through her own experience and a passion to help others, as well as the personal development programs she has written her first book ‘Addicted to Being Broke’ which shares her journey of lack of financial literacy.

Agnes is here to help you on your journey, to help you through overcoming self-limiting beliefs to building the confidence you need to live a fulfilled life. 

“Nothing changes if nothing changes” has been a quote that has allowed Agnes to continue seeking change throughout her journey.
Agnes is available to speak at schools, colleges, universities and organisation that want to facilitate motivational workshops for their students or employees.

Agnes also works with individuals who are seeking personal development journey that will help them get to their next stage.

You can get in touch with Agnes here or fill out the contact form. If you have an urgent query you can contact her team on 07507720911



Click HERE  to begin you journey to success.  

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