Identifying and setting goals. Breaking through limiting beliefs. Work/life balance. Accountability. Developing positive habits.


Agnes is a certified life coach who specialises in personal development coaching. This coaching program offers eight 1 to 1 sessions to help you develop skills and overcome self-limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Agnes has been on her self-development journey over the last 10 years where she has achieved so much including writing her first-ever self-published bestselling book.


It is through this journey that she has been able to develop the skills needed to help others reach their goals. The personal development program is just not about coaching sessions but a journey to achieving more. Contact us today to book one of our amazing packages. 


Accountability Coach on the go

Making progress in life is one of the main contributors to happiness. The ability to look back and see that you may not be where you want to be yet, but you are not where you used to be, brings a great feeling of fulfilment.


An accountability coach is there to provide support, guidance, and a little pressure that holds you accountable to take specific action to achieve your goals.


The accountability coach on the go is tailored to you and your budget.

Each session we will discuss where you are, what you should work on, and what you want your end goal to be. When we do things alone sometimes we allow ourselves to underachieve, but when we have someone holding our hand along the way, it becomes a little easier to not give up and achieve the best we can.



Motivational speaker Agnes Wanja, works with individuals as well as organisations and establishments to deliver a series of motivational talks to help individuals reflect on their journey so far, celebrate their journey and be encouraged to do the things they want to do and achieve their personal, career, family goals, and visions.

Due to the pandemic, there has been a long physical absent of individual from work place, classrooms or lectures now is the time to help your teams become motivated and have a better outlook for the near future.

The talks which have been delivered at many of Agnes’s annual events supports individuals by build confidence with lasting effect.

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group workshops

Ideal for classrooms, team meetings or small groups.

The workshops can be delivered face to face or virtual meetings.

The workshops are designed to inspire, motivate, encourage individuals to work towards their true potential as well as developing a growth mindset. 

With so much uncertainty in the world at this time, there is no better time to start focusing on what you really want to achieve in your life. This workshop helps you to work on your own personal growth and position yourself in a better place for the future.

Network with likeminded individuals where you can learn how to become more focused on what you are trying to achieve whilst developing your personal


Personal Development