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Accountability Coach on the go

Identify and set goals. Breaking through limiting beliefs. Work/life balance. Develop positive habits.


You have things to sort out? You have a list of things to get done?

You are behind on your goals? You are behind on your life plans?

you want to get ahead?

You want to stay on track?

You need an accountability partner?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then accountability coaching is for you.

The accountability coach on the go offers, two phone calls from the accountability coach a month and weekly motivational messages to keep you going and one zoom session a month. 

This course is for anyone wanting to take action towards goals, dreams, new business, new job, new mum, whatever it is you are trying to gain momentum on and keep finding yourself distracted or procrastinating on, take action today so three month from now you are able to look back with great sense of achievement



Get motivated, build momentum and get things done!

Do you need a motivational boost?

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you feeling stuck?

Have you just stated you new business and don't know what to do next?

Do you want to work out your next right move?

Do you need a motivational chat? I am here to help!

Whether you have started a new job or new business and are feeling lost or have lost your work-life balance, or need a boost to get you active and productive?


book yourself onto this one-to-one booster call and start getting results.


What will I get?

-60 minutes zoom or phone call

-work out your next right move

-address self-limiting beliefs

-start or continue your development journey

-3 months personal development plan.


The main aim of this service is to help you move forward using a clear map. feeling stuck can sometimes lead to lost time. 


Personal development is key to any success. You must continue to develop your personal skills and abilities to help you become the person your future requires you to be. 


Making progress in life is one of the main contributors to happiness.


Now that you are an adult to cannot continue to respond like a child. You must seek the knowledge and understanding that helps you to see things better and from different perspectives. 

The personal development coaching program is tailored to you and your budget.

-8 to 12 weeks coaching 

-develop a growth mindset

-develop positive habits

-overcome self-limiting beliefs

-build confidence

-create a personal plan

-set smart goals



Motivational speaker Agnes Wanja, works with organisations and establishments to deliver a series of motivational talks to help individuals reflect on their journey so far, celebrate their journey, build resilience, adapt to change and be encouraged to achieve their personal, career, family goals, and visions.

The pandemic has taught us things can change at any moment and it is so important to be able to adapt to change. 

The talks which have been delivered at many of Agnes’s annual events supports individuals by build confidence, understanding how to continue building skills that get us through life and the ABCD of life.


Contact us today to book Agnes for your next event. lasting effect.

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